Day Trips


Tlaquepaque is one of the towns in Mexico that has a vast artisan tradition, here you can learn the secrets of ceramics and pottery. But not only its crafts make this town so special, but also its tourist attractions and its beautiful rustic streets. There are a variety of things to do and visit, some recommendations are:

  • Independencia Avenue
  • Cultural Center El Refugio
  • El Abajeño Restaurant (live mariachi and mexican food)
  • Regional Museum of Ceramics of Tlaquepaque
  • Hidalgo Garden

Distance: about 30/40 minutes away depending on traffic


It is a beautiful town where you can find everything related to Tequila, you can visit the facilities of the big tequila companies and take a tour to learn about the history and the process for tequila and even travel on the Jose Cuervo Express train, owned by one of the big tequila makers of Mexico. A recommendation is to take a tour in Jose Cuervo distillery, where you will see all the history behind the tequila and their production process while tasting premium tequila.

Distance: about 45 minutes away.


Lake Chapala is the largest lake in the country, it is a very beautiful town with many things to do, some recommendations are:

  • Take a walk in the pier of Ajijic
  • See the rite of the flyers of Papantla
  • Visit the picturesque town of Ajijic
  • Take a ride in a boat and go to the island of scorpions