The 2022 Engaged Management Scholarship Conference

will be hosted by Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 8 – 10, 2022.

The EMS 2022 conference theme will be focused on “Value Creation through Engaged Management Scholarship”.

Given that Engaged Scholarship is a participatory form of research for studying complex real-world problems based on the different perspectives and understandings of key stakeholders, value is created through the contributions derived from the research questions posed by researchers, positively impacting different areas, such as the area of concern, the method of inquiry, the conceptual framework, and the real-world problematic situations, whatever that might be. 

Submissions are invited, to the extent of possible, that contribute to shed light on how such value creation can be envisioned in different approaches from the EMS point of view.

This conference remains a unique opportunity for you to position your school or business before an audience of as many as scholarly practitioners and professionals from around the world. Sponsors will receive recognition to acknowledge their leadership and support of the 12th Engaged Management Scholarship Conference.

Please consider a sponsorship for one or more of the following events at this year’s conference.


01. Platinum

$1,500 Keynote Session (There are 3 Keynote Addresses during the EMS 2022 Conference)


  • Acknowledgment and School/Business Logo on EMS 2022 website Sponsor page before, during and 3 months after Conference.
  • School/Business recognized during each Keynote address with a logo displayed.
  • Option for Sponsor School/Business marketing video.
  • Option for meet-ups with Conference attendees.


02. Gold

$1000 Doctoral Consortium (Thursday, September 8, 2022) – OR


  • Acknowledgment and School/Business Logo on EMS 2022 website Sponsor page.
  • School/Business acknowledged at the beginning and end of the Consortium as well during breaks.


03. Silver

$750 Poster Session (Friday, September 9, 2022) –OR– $750 Conference Workshops or Panels (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


  • Acknowledgment and Logo on EMS 2020 website Sponsor. page before, during and 3 months after Conference.
  • School/Business logo displayed on virtual sessions site.


04. Bronze

$500 Conference Coffee Breaks –OR—

$500 Conference Happy Hours


  • Acknowledgment and School/Business logo posted virtually during the breaks or Happy Hour sessions.
  • EMS 2022 website Sponsor page.

Your sponsorship will show your support for the EDBAC and the EMS 2022 Conference and provide you with significant exposure to your School/Business before, during and post-Conference.

Thank you for your support of EMS 2022 in Guadalajara!